Rovinj, Crotia


Rovinj, Croatia at dusk


I’m so cold

Cool as ice

Armour on

No vulnerability in sight.



Emotionally distant

Don’t get too close

My walls are built too high


All Barbered wire

More thorn than rose

I won’t let you in

It’s not what I want (it’s what I want)


Let me go

I’m not right for you

All violence and anger

A raging storm


You pick the lock

Open doors where there shouldn’t be any

Taking all the short cuts

To get underneath my skin


To tell me you love me

You love me


And the walls come down

You break me

You free me.

You steal me.


A thief; after my heart.


Everywhere I go
You are with me
In the coffee I drink
The way the rain falls
The man in the dusty old cap
But new sports jacket
Reminds me of you
When the sun is beginning to set
At the market,
At lunch
Eating pad thai or Chinese
I see you
Reading a book
That woman asleep on the tube
Running for the bus
Strolling down the road
All things I did with you.

My hand is empty without yours
Brief flashes of you making me all too aware
Of the gap in my heart
Where you belong.
The reminders are what hurt the most.


I couldn’t say goodbye,

Didn’t want to let go

Pieces of you I held dearly

Slipping away.


I didn’t watch you leave

I couldn’t at all

But I felt the gaping hole

Where you were missing


I tried to move on

But difficult it proved

Every little thing

Reminding me of you


Years gone by

Still thinking of you

Of what we could have been

Of where we didn’t go


Do I regret it?

I can’t be sure

I still love your smile

But hate that it wasn’t for me.