Why can’t it be summer already?

I miss the sand between my toes, head out the window laughing into the summer heat. 



Truer words never spoken. But I guess that’s the point.

So as you’ve seen from my pics recently, I’ve been travelling #praguepics. It got me thinking, if I could go anywhere, where would I go? I thought about it long and hard. There are SO many places I would travel to if I had the means. Overall, I decided that if you ever want to go somewhere, anywhere in the world, go to Scotland. Seems strange not only that I would pick the place I currently live, but that I’m telling you to go to a place that is usually 89% cold, wet and grey. Yeah, you should probably be prepared for that or you’ll end up like me caught out in shorts in the snow—Edinburgh should be more famous for its four seasons a day, than the film Trainspotting.  However, Scotland is so much more than poor weather.  As a person who’s lived there for 3 years I can tell you that Scotland is wonderful. It has this unique quality to its atmosphere, where even in the rain it’s the most romantic, buzzing, intriguing and beautiful place to be.  From the Isle of Skye’s dramatic cliffs to moors in the borders, lochs in the highlands, beautiful coastlines and even, the sunshine on Leith; Scotland has a magic that is all its own, and is alive with it. Scotland is ethereal and romantic yet passionate and stormy.  It’s a contradiction that has created the most beautiful place to be. So to all my followers from abroad and really anyone who reads this: get your arse up to Scotland as there cannae be any place better.

BBC Radio Shropshire – ‘Persuasion’ Review by Chris Eldon Lee

My friend Peter Randall and his theatre production given the thumbs up from the BBC!

Hotbuckle Productions

Hotbuckle is the loveliest of our little theatre companies…and smart with it. They present exquisite productions of some of the nation’s favourite novels with a minimum of fuss and bother; charming full houses into romantic sighs and fits of respectable giggles….before packing everything away into a horsebox trailer, with the company’s logo stuck to the tail gate.

What comes out of the horsebox are four white flats, three period chairs, a handful of musical instruments, four very fine actors and a host of memorable caricatures.

At my second encounter with the company at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn last night, I felt a little like an endangered species. Sitting in the 250 seats were 235 women ( so just 15 men, then ) most of whom clearly knew the novel intimately. And what we got was Austen unplugged; performed with so much care and attention to detail the author herself would have…

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