Down the rabbit hole I went,
Sure I was hallucinating
In a drug induced day dream
Only certain that I was lost.

It was a slippery slope,
That I careened down
Recklessly, without abandon
No chance to slow or hold on

Without caution, I leapt
Spontaneously faithful
Blinded I jumped,
My first mistake.

I should have looked
Before I fell,
Watched my step
For the oncoming trap.

Love as an adventure,
Isn’t what it seems.
The book cover I judged
Clearly deceiving me.

My second mistake
Was letting it happen again.
After falling apart
At the first story’s end.

Rebuilding myself
A treacherous undertaking
Hard work undone
At my second heart breaking.

My third mistake
Was being afraid to fall
After being broken
Too many times to recall.

As there’s a reward in the wise
Who wait for the right one
Happiness eternal
The battle won.


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