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Thick Skin

TW: some people might not like my metaphorical use of physicality representing heartbreak as it resembles abuse too closely.

Thick skin
With her heart on her sleeve
Bruises easily
With marks that don’t leave

A hand print left
At least there’s evidence
The crime scene’s in the making
Investigation pending

It’s marked in her blood
Her heart in pieces
Body marred with scars.

A happy ending
As elusive as ever
Like a book
With its end pages ripped out.

Like a Katy Perry Song

I should’ve known you’d bring me heartache;
almost lovers always do…

Me on my current internet connection; why you so hot and cold?
So I’ve been a bit hot and cold on this blog as well due to it being deadline season at UofE and now I’m heading into revision/essay time. God help me. So my postings are gonna be scattered binges here and there, such as my post-a-thon last night which legitimately broke my internet-seriously it’s been on then off all day.I also realized that in the time I’ve had this blog I’ve never acknowledged all the kind people who follow me, so… Hello to all of my new followers and the people who have been with me since my first batch of lame lovelorn longing poetry. (say that three times, fast, HA.) Feel free to comment all you want and I look forward to reading your wonderful stuff/ looking at your stunning photography.

A Capote Novella

If our love was a novel,

We’d meet on the very first page.

Love at first glance

Searing yet cliché.


If our love was a novel,

There’d be no time

For the slow build

It’s a rigorous climb.


If our love was a novel,

The middle would be where it breaks

Parting and dividing

With no give or take.


If our love was a novel,

We’d meet once again

Put our differences aside

And rekindle our love there and then.


But our love isn’t a novel

Isn’t made from fantasy

It’s broken and it’s cold

Closer to reality.


Our love isn’t a novel

It’s honest and it’s real

At least it is from me

An unrequited ordeal.


Down the rabbit hole I went,
Sure I was hallucinating
In a drug induced day dream
Only certain that I was lost.

It was a slippery slope,
That I careened down
Recklessly, without abandon
No chance to slow or hold on

Without caution, I leapt
Spontaneously faithful
Blinded I jumped,
My first mistake.

I should have looked
Before I fell,
Watched my step
For the oncoming trap.

Love as an adventure,
Isn’t what it seems.
The book cover I judged
Clearly deceiving me.

My second mistake
Was letting it happen again.
After falling apart
At the first story’s end.

Rebuilding myself
A treacherous undertaking
Hard work undone
At my second heart breaking.

My third mistake
Was being afraid to fall
After being broken
Too many times to recall.

As there’s a reward in the wise
Who wait for the right one
Happiness eternal
The battle won.


I’ll love you when it rains

And the tide begins to turn

I’ll love you when it pours

And the truth is unsure


I’ll love you in the night

When the world is dark and bleak

I’ll love you in the day

When it’s light and unafraid


I’ll love you in the hours

When you’re hurt the most

I’ll love you when you hurt me

Whilst in pain and distraught


I’ll love you wherever you may be

I’ll love you when you’re not here

I’ll love you when you’re with me

I’ll love you, ardently.