It’s Grimm

Cinderella never asked for a prince,
she asked for a night off, and a dress.

Let it be know that I’m not funny, but I can be punny?

So my ‘friend’  asked me why I’m still single the other day. I didn’t mention the whole ‘I usually do the unrequited thing’, or the ‘I only meet guys when I’m drunk thing’ or the ‘I’m not quite desperate enough for tinder yet thing.’ I straight up have been buried under work for the past month. I told this friend of mine that no, I’m not looking for a relationship, I’m looking for three spare hours, a glass of wine and to not look like a neanderthal.

So yeah, I’m not asking for a Prince (though it would be nice if one showed up). I’m looking for some relaxation time, something my friend should invest in. Seriously. I’m 21, if it was 250 years ago I would be a spinster. Now? I’m in my prime and I have time for the whole romance thing later.  Take note, teens; this quote speaks the truth.

Over worked Cinders out x


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