Eyes on fire,

Skin is burning

Feeling the tingles

Dance straight through me.


You’re looking at me

And it’s the apocalypse

Standing on the edge of a cliff—

that crazy kind of adrenaline.


Instant connection,

Pulsing, throbbing,

World stopping.

The kind that creates insanity.

Or obsession.


Apparently, others call it infatuation.

The stupid ones call it love;

That abominable vulnerability

That no one quite escapes.


Put faith in it,

And you can grasp it,

Touch it, feel it.

But you’ll never hold it indefinitely,

Love is not forever,

Or forever is fleeting.


But the risk’s worth it.

Eyes still burning,

Heart still racing

Hands still trembling,

Craving intimacy.


In the moment

We all slip into insanity,

Because one chance at happiness

Is enough to override the pain

Of tragedy,

When everything falls apart.



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